This week was jam-packed with news that made the MSN News team stop and ask, "Wait—what?!" Collected for your viewing pleasure are the strangest news stories from seven crazy days; it's all right here in Below the Fold.

Oldies but goodies


These sisters have officially been recognized as the world's oldest siblings by the Guinness Book of World Records.
Video: Dorothy Richards is 108 and her sister Marjorie Ruddle is 105
Bing: World's oldest people



Vancouver viewers were surprised this week when their weather forecast was delivered by an NBA player.
Video: L.A. Laker Metta World Peace does weather on CTV
Bing: Metta World Peace

Strange 'disease'


A Canadian study identifies a new malady more contagious than measles.
Video: It's called Bieber Fever and it's spreading
Bing Video: Justin Bieber

Musical mystery


Just six years ago, Derek Amato had only mediocre guitar skills.
Video: But after suffering a concussion he became a piano-playing sensation—with no lessons
Bing: What is a concussion?

Dock shock


Beachcombers in Oregon got an oversized surprise this week.
Video: A twenty-metre-long dock from Japan washed up on shore
Bing: Japanese tsunami debris

Painful transaction


A store owner in Quebec quashed an attempted robbery with a handy can of bear spray.
Video: Accused robbers brandished knives, demanded money
Bing: How to survive a robbery

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