This week's Below the Fold visits some of the world's unique people and places.

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Moose in Anchorage

Moose make themselves at home in Anchorage
Video: Just give them plenty of space
Bing: Moose in Alaska

Obama's friend?

219 // Demo the donkey

This village in Colombia hopes the U.S. president will take home their gift
Video: Demo the donkey looks so cute in that hat
Bing: Democratic Party symbol

I said 'stop'


Cop in Vietnam determined to get his man
Video: Now that's a work ethic
Bing: Vietnam

Explosion, no gun

Mount Etna

Italy's Mount Etna puts on a show
Video: It's the sixth eruption this year
Bing: Mount Etna

Guns, no bullets


It's an annual tradition, meant to cleanse for the new year
Video: In Bangkok you use water pistols and pails
Bing: Songkran

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Odd news video: Tricky animal edition
Humans can do some tricky things too.
And then there's complete blind rage.