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Updated: Wed, 25 Sep 2013 11:56:40 GMT | By CBC News, cbc.ca

CN train derailment in Saskatchewan causes grassfire, oil leak

CN train derailment in Saskatchewan causes grassfire, oil leak

A CN Rail train has derailed just west of Landis, Sask., resulting in a grassfire and an oil leak.

There are no injuries.

RCMP said crews were on the scene Wednesday morning fighting the blaze and dealing with the derailment.

None of the 16 derailed cars had caught fire, the RCMP said. The fire, which was in a ditch, was extinguished.

The Saskatchewan government said the cars were loaded with ethanol, crude oil, car carriers and grain.

One of the cars filled with ethanol was on its side, but nothing was leaking out, the province said.

A car carrying crude oil was leaking, but it's not known how much oil is involved. A hazardous materials team is on the scene and crews are cleaning up the spill, the province said.

As a precautionary measure, school has been cancelled for the day in the town of Landis, about 130 kilometres west of Saskatoon.

There were 130 cars on the half-kilometre long train — 55 were loaded and 75 were empty.

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