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Updated: Fri, 28 Jun 2013 09:57:12 GMT | By CBC News, cbc.ca

Laval mayor says he didn't solicit prostitute in extortion case

Laval mayor says he didn't solicit prostitute in extortion case

The interim mayor of Laval, Alexandre Duplessis, denies soliciting or receiving sexual favours, but he acknowledged being the victim of an alleged extortion attempt a day after details of a complaint he filed with police were made public.

Duplessis spoke this morning at Laval City Hall, addressing the details of the complaint which were reported by several media outlets yesterday.

"I never solicited, I never received anything of a sexual nature," he said. "I never received anything, anything, anything of a sexual nature and I never received favours of a sexual nature."

Quebec provincial police confirmed they are looking into a complaint about extortion, but would not discuss details.

Police sources told Radio-Canada that the allegation involves an incident that happened on June 14. Duplessis allegedly requested the service of a prostitute, who went to his chalet accompanied by a female driver. One of the two women recognized him, and Duplessis allegedly cancelled the encounter without paying them.

The women insisted on being paid and made three attempts to collect the money.

Duplessis filed a complaint with Quebec provincial police, a fact he confirmed this morning without addressing the details or circumstances or relationship he had with the accused.

He also said an arrest had been made in the case.

Duplessis said he will not resign in the wake of the latest scandal at Laval city hall, which has been plagued by corruption investigation raids and resignations in recent months.

"I will continue my work as mayor," he said. "I will continue my work for the citizens of Laval. I will not resign over this extortion threat."

Duplessis, who was elected interim mayor in November after long-time mayor Gilles Vaillancourt resigned under a cloud of corruption allegations.

Vaillancourt was later arrested and charged with a number of offences including gangsterism.

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