Results on way as polls close in 2 of 3 federal byelections

Polls have closed for the federal byelections in Calgary and Ontario, with results expected once voting stops in a third byelection in Victoria.

The three byelections that will be settled tonight have created a lot more heat and noise than mid-term votes usually do.

The seats in Calgary Centre, Victoria and central Ontario's Durham were all vacated by resigning MPs — and polls indicate they'll send parliamentarians wearing the same partisan sweaters back to Ottawa.

That suggests two more Conservatives and one New Democrat in the House of Commons, an outcome that will alter neither the party standings nor the political dynamic.

Voters can be forgiven for wondering, then, what all the hollering has been about.

Calgary Centre caused the biggest fuss after polling showed the Tory stronghold under an unprecedented threat from a Liberal contender — and sparked a full-force Conservative response to some regionally divisive comments by a couple of Liberals, including leadership hopeful Justin Trudeau.

Elections Canada spokesman John Enright said there were lineups when some polls opened in Calgary Centre early Monday.

Victoria and Durham have also been hard-fought affairs as every party tests the electoral waters for the general election of 2015, when the Conservatives will have been in power for nine years.

Here's a quick look at the three contests:

Calgary Centre

What: A Tory stronghold that sits next to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's riding.

Why: Veteran Conservative MP Lee Richardson resigned to take a post as chief of staff to Alberta Premier Alison Redford.

Main candidates:

- Joan Crockatt, Conservative.

- Harvey Locke, Liberal.

- Chris Turner, Green.

- Dan Meades, NDP.


What: A Vancouver Island riding once held by Sir John A. Macdonald, but more recently held for more than 10 years by the Liberals until it was won by the NDP in 2006.

Why: New Democrat Denise Savoie resigned due to health issues.

Main candidates:

- Murray Rankin, NDP.

- Donald Galloway, Green.

- Dale Gann, Conservative.

- Paul Summerville, Liberal.


What: A riding northeast of Toronto that was held for more than a decade by the Liberals, but has been Conservative since 2004.

Why: Former Conservative cabinet minister Bev Oda resigned last summer after a series of controversies.

Main Candidates:

- Erin O'Toole, Conservative.

- Grant Hume, Liberal.

- Larry O'Connor, NDP.

- Virginia Ervin, Green.

With files from Hannah Thibedeau and CBC News

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