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Updated: Fri, 28 Mar 2014 08:09:03 GMT | By CBC News, cbc.ca

Rob Ford on Metro Morning 'I'm not a criminal'

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is scheduled to appear on Metro Morning Friday.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is scheduled to appear on Metro Morning Friday.

Rob Ford appeared on CBC Toronto's Metro Morning radio show today, touting his "proven track record of success" in an interview with host Matt Galloway despite a year in which the Toronto mayor has been mired in scandal.

Ford denied his personal problems have created a credibility problem for him as he seeks re-election.

"I'm not a criminal. I haven't been charged with anything," he said. "What more do you want me to say? I've made mistakes, and I've moved on.

"People can trust me with their hard earned taxpayers' dollars."

Ford, who is seeking re-election after a year of scandal, appeared on the show as his opponents begin to step up  attacks that call into question his behaviour in office.

In the campaign's first televised debate on Wednesday, Ford's opponents stayed away from issues about the mayor's behaviour over the past year, which includes news that a video exists showing him smoking crack cocaine, an admission of crack use, and the arrest of his friend and former driver on extortion charges.

At a candidates debate held at Ryerson University Thursday, John Tory said Ford should not be keeping company with known gang members.

"You're supposed to be helping the bad guys get off the street, not having a beer with them," said Tory.

Ford defended himself, saying stories about his drug use are old news. Ford also repeated his frequent refrain that he has saved the city a billion dollars since he was first elected mayor in 2010.

“I’m not perfect,” Ford said in response to an audience question about his recent antics of swearing and stumbling outside city hall. “Maybe everyone here is, maybe you are, but I’m right, because I have a proven, proven track record of success.”

In addition to Tory, Ford opponents Olivia Chow, David Soknacki and Karen Stintz appeared on Metro Morning this week.

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