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Updated: Sun, 11 May 2014 20:26:48 GMT | By CBC News, cbc.ca

Slocan Lake canoe accident: 3 missing young men named

Jule Wiltshire-Padfield (© right)

Jule Wiltshire-Padfield (right), of New Denver, was dating Lily Harmer-Taylor (left). She was found unconscious in a partially-submerged canoe Saturday. Wiltshire-Padfield and two others who were also in the canoe are still missing. Facebook

A 19-year-old woman is dead and three other people are missing after their canoe overturned on Slocan Lake, north of Nelson, B.C., yesterday afternoon.

People who knew Lily Harmer-Taylor have identified her as the woman who died in hospital in New Denver after being found unconscious in the canoe.

Three others — Hayden Kyle, 21, Skye Donnet, 18, and Jule Wiltshire-Padfield, 15 —  couldn't be found when rescue crews reached the scene and are still missing.

Dan Nicholson, publisher of New Denver's Valley Voice newspaper, said he knew the group of four, and lent them his canoe Saturday.

He said Kyle, who grew up in Gibsons, on B.C.'s Sunshine Coast, had been living at his house in Rosebery, which is about six kilometres north of New Denver along the lake's east shore.

Kyle had moved to Nelson and, when he got laid off from a job there, ended up living in a spare room at Nicholson's home.

Kyle knew Sky Donnet, a local of the New Denver area, from the job in Nelson. Harmer-Taylor and Wiltshire-Padfield, who were dating, were also residents of the New Denver area.

Nicholson said the group of four borrowed his canoe for a paddle over to New Denver, but they didn't take his life jackets.

Nicholson said they made it to town, where he saw them walking around at one point in the day, and that they must have run into trouble on the trip back.

"They went back to the beach. They got in the canoe. They started paddling home, and I don't know: Wind came up, something happened, the canoe overturned and they were in the lake," he said. 

"That lake is so cold this time of year," he added.

Slocan Lake RCMP said the detachment received a call at around 5:30 p.m. PT Saturday afternoon after a man walking along a trail near the beach in New Denver saw a partially-submerged canoe with two people holding on to it, one at each end.

The canoe was about 150 metres from shore, and the man ran to a nearby home to call police.

When rescuers arrived, only Harmer-Taylor could be located.

Nicholson said he was told about the accident and went to the hospital to see her.

"They worked on her for five hours, but she never regained consciousness," Nicholson said.

He said the community is struggling with what has happened.

"Lily is dead," he said. "The three boys ... we don't have any definite confirmation yet, but the odds are, far and away, that they are dead as well."

A search in cold, deep water

RCMP Sgt. Darryl Little said Slocan Lake is glacier fed and very cold, and the water where the canoe was found is roughly 75 metres deep.

Little said he is hopeful the others managed to swim to shore.

A search began Saturday night, but was halted when it grew dark. RCMP, search and rescue, and the New Denver Fire Department continued with their search efforts today.

An RCMP helicopter was used this morning to scan to shoreline, but no the crew found no sign of the three missing young men. Little said police were still considering Sunday's activities a "rescue mission."

Two search and rescue boats were still searching the lake Sunday afternoon.

An RCMP dive team will begin conducting an underwater search Monday morning.

Little said the parents of all four have been notified, and grief counsellors have been made available at a New Denver school.

"It devastates the communities when you're losing some young people out of your communities," Little said.

"We're hopeful we'll find them still alive, but again it's very tough on the community because it's so small that everybody knows each other."

Kyle, Donnet, and Wiltshire-PadfieldThree of the four are from New Denver, a community of roughly 600 on the eastern shore of the lake, and one is from Gibsons, on B.C.'s Sunshine Coast.

Google Maps: Slocan Lake, B.C.

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