Updated: Tue, 17 Dec 2013 18:06:45 GMT | By Henry Austin, NBC News contributor

Snowy double-whammy forecast for Midwest and Northeast

There’s no respite from snow for the East and Midwest.

A winter weather system churning from the Great Lakes toward the Atlantic coast threatened to dump as much as 10 inches on parts of Maine and several inches in the major cities of the Northeast — enough to confound commuters and frustrate fliers.

As of 1 p.m. ET on Tuesday, more than 140 flights had been scrapped at the New York airports, and 42 more at Chicago’s O’Hare. Inbound flights into LaGuardia and Newark were running an average of 2 1/2 hours behind due to snow and ice.

Kevin Roth, a lead meteorologist for The Weather Channel, said that New York would get 2 to 4 inches of snow before the day was out, Boston 3 to 5 inches and Philadelphia 1 to 3 inches. In New York, authorities issued a snow alert and got salt trucks and plows ready to comb the streets.

“This is not gonna be the biggest snowstorm on record by any means,” said Tom Niziol, a winter weather expert for The Weather Channel. “But 3 to 5 inches of snow during rush-hour traffic for tens of millions of poeple produces a lot of impacts on roadways, unfortunately.”

The system has already caused problems: On Monday afternoon, a Delta Air Lines 737 taxiing for takeoff to Minneapolis slid off the runway in Madison, Wis. No one was hurt. The airport was closed for about an hour while crews cleared another runway, according to NBC Chicago.

Because of a separate system, heavy snow was also possible Tuesday in Idaho, Montana and parts of Wyoming, according to the National Weather Service.

Many of those hoping for relief by the end of the week are going to be disappointed, according to Roth, who said that weather models were predicting that another winter storm would form late in the week.

“It will start in the Plains, Midwest and Northeast,” he said. “It will be a light to moderate storm for the Rockies on Thursday and then a supply of cold air out of Canada will give it a wintry threat from Kansas to Michigan and also in parts of the Northeast.”  

Roth warned that as the next system takes hold parts of the country that were blasted by an ice storm last week now faced the possibility of “severe thunderstorms.”

“Some areas around Dallas or Little Rock face that on Saturday,” he added. “Arkansas, Louisiana and eastern Texas also face that possibility.”  


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