XL Foods meat recall expanded again

The recall of meat products from a processing plant in Alberta due to possible E. coli contamination has been expanded again.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said Tuesday has now recalled more than 1,500 beef products in Canada from the XL Foods meat processing plant in Brooks, Alta. The expanded recall list now includes cuts of steaks and roasts, stewing beef and beef breakfast sausage, and it covers every province and territory.

The public, distributors and food service establishments are being told not to consume, sell, or serve the meat. The products in question were manufactured at the XL Foods plant on August 24, 27, 28, 29 and September 5.

MPs keep up pressure over XL Foods meat recall

CFIA says the recall also includes some unlabelled unbranded beef products sold at retail stores not included on its products list. Those retail stores may include small retailers, local meat markets and butcher shops.

Consumers who are unsure if they have the affected beef products in their homes are advised to check with the store where the products were bought or to throw them out.

Also Tuesday, a fifth case of E. coli-related illness was confirmed in Alberta, this time in Grande Prairie. There are four other confirmed cases in Edmonton.

High number of E. coli cases may be related to meat recall

Another four cases are still under investigation: three of them in Calgary and one in central Alberta.

On September 27, CFIA temporarily suspended the licence of XL Foods to process meat.

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