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Voices from Tori Stafford's murder trial

Tori Stafford - The victim

Tori Stafford - The victim. (© Dave Chidley/CP; CBC)
  • Tori Stafford - The victim. (© Dave Chidley/CP; CBC)
  • Michael Rafferty - The accused. (© Handout; CBC; Tammy Hoy/CP)
  • Terri-Lynne McClintic - The convict and witness. (© CBC; Geoff Robins; Tammy Hoy/CP)
  • Tara McDonald - The mother. (© Dave Chidley, Geoff Robins/CP)
  • Rodney Stafford - The father. (© Dave Chidley; Geoff Robins/CP)
  • Jim Smyth - The detective. (© Dave Chidley; Nathan Denette/CP)
  • The evidence. (© Nathan Denette; Dave Chidley/CP; Handout)
  • Crown and defence - The lawyers. (© Dave Chidley/CP)
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Victoria Stafford was walking alone from school to her mother's new home for the first time when Terri-Lynne McClintic stopped her and began chatting.

"I didn't wake up that morning thinking I was going to take a child," McClintic told a court back in April 2010.

That fateful encounter between McClintic and the eight-year-old girl, who was called Tori by family and friends, took place near a school in Woodstock, Ont., on April 8, 2009. The two were captured walking together by a surveillance camera and the footage broadcast by media outlets across Canada.

Three years later, disturbing details of that day's events were raised in a London, Ont., court, this time at the abduction, sexual assault and murder trial of McClintic's then-boyfriend, Michael Rafferty.

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