UN urges end to Western Sahara violence

Protesters carry a giant Western Sahara flag during a protest march against the Moroccan actions in the Western Sahara and a call for independence, in Madrid Saturday Nov. 13, 2010. THE CANADIAN PRESS/AP, Paul White

The U.N. Security Council has urged Morocco and the Polisario Front to demonstrate "political will" and solve the decades-old dispute over part of the Western Sahara.

The Polisario Front had urged the council to send a fact-finding mission to establish "an authoritative account" of violence they say claimed 38 lives, and expressed regret it failed to do so. Moroccan authorities said the only casualties were 10 police, killed trying to break up a so-called "protest camp."

Polisario Front representative Ahmed Boukhari said Tuesday it will continue pressing for an investigation.

Morocco has proposed wide-ranging autonomy for the Western Sahara, which it took over in 1979. But the Polisario Front insists on self-determination.