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Worst Canadian disasters

Arrow Air Flight 1285 crash

Arrow Air Flight 1285 crash. (© Jann Ban Horne/The Canadian Press)
  • Worst road accident in Ontario's history. (© Dave Chidley/The Canadian Press)
  • Halifax Explosion. (© National Archives of Canada/CP Photo)
  • Titanic sinking. (© Universal Images Group/Getty Images; Mike Dembeck/REUTERS)
  • Swissair Flight 111 crash. (© Transport Safety Board/REUTERS; Paul Darrow/REUTERS)
  • Arrow Air Flight 1285 crash. (© Jann Ban Horne/The Canadian Press)
  • Air Indian Flight 182 crash. (© Andy Clark/REUTERS)
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When: Dec. 12, 1985
Where: Gander, Newfoundland to Fort Campbell, Kentucky
Death toll: 256
Survivors: 0

The crash of Arrow Air Flight 1285 is the worst aviation disaster in Canadian history.

On the morning of Thursday, Dec. 12, a flight carrying 248 U.S. troops and eight crew members took off from Gander, N.L. Most of the soldiers on board were members of the 101st Airborne Division Screaming Eagles, on their way home from a peacekeeping mission in Egypt. Shortly after takeoff, the plane stalled and crashed into a hillside less than a kilometre from the runway, killing all aboard. The cause of the accident was initially attributed to ice on the wings, but some investigators raised the possibility of an onboard explosion. The official cause remains unknown.

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